Be the Miracle

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– by Matt Leedham

I love it when silly little things smack you upside the head and spark an idea, or better yet…action! Last night I turned on the TV after dinner and saw that the 2nd half of Bruce Almighty was playing. Toward the end of the movie, God tells Bruce:

“You want to see a miracle, son? BE the miracle.”

I thought about this line all night. And then other things started to pop into my head. How about this gem?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Maybe Gandhi and God are saying the same thing. And yes, I know God was Morgan Freeman in a Hollywood comedy film. But the message was the same, and that’s what’s important.

Then I thought of something else I posted on Facebook a couple of months ago.

“If you see a problem, it’s yours. If you think somebody should do something about it, remember, you’re as much a somebody as anybody.” – Center for Zen Buddhism

I hope that this sparks you to take action in your community. I hope you will take ownership of problems that you see around you.

However, I also hope it sparks you to take action in your personal lives. Don’t hope for the miracle that’s going to get you everything you want in your career, family, health, relationships, etc. BE the miracle. Be the change you want to see in your own life. If you see a problem within you, guess what…you own it. Do something about it.

How will you be the miracle today? This week? This month? Leave a comment below.

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