Inspiration is Perishable

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– by Matt Leedham

In the book Rework, which we have previously referenced, the final chapter is called “Inspiration is Perishable.” The founders of 37signals go on to say, “We all have ideas. Ideas are immortal. They last forever. What doesn’t last forever is inspiration. Inspiration is like milk. It has an expiration date.”

This week is all about gratitude.

I’m thankful for inspiration. I’m thankful for all that inspires us. I’m thankful for both the people that inspire us and the people that fuel our inspiration through support and encouragement.

But really, I’m most thankful for that moment when inspiration first occurs. That moment when it first hits you and you either decide to act on it or tuck it away. That’s a critical time in our lives and sometimes we don’t even know it. Speaking from experience, you must act immediately. That inspiration most definitely has an expiration date.

At the very least, furiously scribble down notes about what has you so pumped up at that moment. As Sam Horn (author and intrigue expert) says, “ink when you think” and “jot it while it’s hot.”

You must get that inspiration out of your head and down on paper. I liken it to dreams. Have you ever noticed how quickly and easily a dream can slip out the window of your mind? When you first wake up, you remember a thought or a place, but a moment later…it’s gone.

Rework goes on to say, “Inspiration is a now thing. If it grabs you, grab it right back and put it to work.”

So, during this season of thanks and giving, what has you inspired? Are you thankful for it? Have you supported or encouraged someone that seems inspired? Have you inspired someone to take action today?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, family, and followers in the U.S. Have a very safe and happy holiday!

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