Sphere of Influence

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– by Matt Leedham

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
– Willie Nelson (singer, songwriter, poet)

This week is all about gratitude. The benefits of being thankful are enormous. In fact, the Wall Street Journal just published an article this morning that shares “a growing body of research suggests that maintaining an attitude of gratitude can improve psychological, emotional, and physical well being.”

We often hear the term “sphere of influence,” meaning those people, communities, and resources that we can impact, change or influence. It’s our “reach” – the things that we can touch and move through our actions and words. I am grateful for being able to impact those around me. And I am grateful that my sphere continues to grow. But this is not what I am thankful for today.

Today, I express gratitude toward the sphere that influences me. If I stop spinning, brace myself, and look around, I have the beautiful opportunity to be influenced by so many wonderful things. I am thankful for my wife’s loving support, my family’s and friends’ unique perspective on the world, the books I read, the movies and documentaries I watch, the music I listen to, the blogs and articles I read, and the interactions I have with strangers and acquaintances alike.

All of these bits of information enter my mind, get smashed up and are run through some crazy algorithm in my mind. What comes out the other end is my perception of the world and my core values. And since I love my world view and embrace my core values, I too love and embrace the people and things that help influence it.

So, if you have ever contributed writings or music, or to science or politics, or have worked with me, hung out with me, befriended me, shared a meal with me, spoke to me, or merely crossed paths with me, I have one thing to say…


And on that note, leave us a comment below…you will be contributing to everyone’s sphere that influences them. And I, for one, will be very grateful for it!

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