When Vulnerable is Good!

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– by Jaime Willis

Don’t let anyone tell you differently — being a goal-driven achiever is hard.

How many times have you written out New Year’s Resolutions or birthday promises or just went to bed on a Sunday evening promising to be better and do more the following day, week, month or year?
What makes it so hard is taking those dreams and ideals and really allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to new experiences that take you outside of your comfort zone.

It is hard to walk into the gym’s fitness class with a scary name like “Power Lifting” or “Boot Camp Booty” and make it through for the first time.
It is hard to go out on date after date in the hopes of making that one special connection.
It is hard to look for a job that better fits your needs and desires and get rejected time and again.
It is hard. I know–I feel that way about my goals regularly.
But here’s the thing–the same vulnerability you feel when you open yourself up to new ideas and new experiences is what allows you to have the amazing success you are wishing for.
You might look silly the first few classes, but Boot Camp Booty isn’t going to kill you. But what a sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you get through the whole class–I’ll bet you feel so powerful!
You might have a lot of bad dates, but if you keep leaving the door open, I bet the right person will eventually come into your life.
You might get rejected for lots of jobs, but what a great feeling when you finally find the job that fits you and are energized and surrounded by folks that make each day better than the next.
Next time you shy away from your goals because you are feeling scared and vulnerable, give yourself an extra push to meet the challenge head on. You don’t have to succeed your first (or second, or third…) try, you just have to try. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel for making the effort.
For a great discussion about the power of vulnerability, please watch Brene Brown’s Tedx Houston talk. She is a great resource on the vulnerability and the power of imperfection.
One song that inspires me to get vulnerable is Garth Brook’s “Standing Outside the Fire.”
Let me know in the comments how you will stand in the fire as you achieve your goal.

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