The Thing About Luck

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– by Matt Leedham

So…the thing about luck is…

There is no luck.

Sorry. But luck has nothing to do with success. I’ll admit there’s a little luck involved with winning the lottery, but that’s about it.

I’ve been saying this for years, especially after an old mentor of mine told me that there is no such thing as luck. In fact, I remember him saying that it’s almost insulting when someone says you’re lucky for the position you are in or the opportunities you have. He was right.

Luck = being prepared for opportunity.

Some people walk around with their eyes open. Some people walk around every corner of their lives looking for opportunity with their eyes wide open. Just like in relationships, when your receptors are open, opportunities present themselves. And when you are ready for them, things happen.

Guess what. This isn’t just my brilliant theory. Professor Richard Wiseman is at it again! Check out the psychology of luck, where Prof. Wiseman’s study concludes that “lucky” people tend to employ these four principles:

  1. Maximize Chance Opportunities (expand your network and listen more)
  2. Listen to Your Gut (hunches are creativity and opportunity speaking to you)
  3. Expect Good Fortune (haven’t we mentioned the power of positivity before?)
  4. Turn Bad Luck to Good (again, stay positive and keep bad moments in the moment)

So, please don’t use luck as an excuse. Other people aren’t luckier than you, and you don’t have “bad luck.” Good things happen and bad things happen. What we do with it is entirely up to us.

Stay open. Stay positive. Expect good things. Put yourself out there. Talk to people. Share. Receive.

Make things happen.

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