Top 5 Inspirational Movies – Weekly Wednesday Inspiration #4

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-by Matt Leedham

Welcome to the first installation of the Top 5 Most Inspirational Movies. There are many more than 5 inspirational movies, so we’ve divided them into three categories:

  1. Sports
  2. Military
  3. Life

Below, you’ll find the Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Movies. Did your favorite movie make the list?

Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Movies:

#1: Rudy – released in 1993, this film is based on actual events following the unlikely Notre Dame student turned football player that finally gets his chance to play after overcoming great physical and emotional challenges.

#2: Remember the Titans – Based on actual events in 1971 about a football team made up of students from two previously segregated high schools that were forced to integrate.

#3: Hoosiers – Another true story of a small-town high school basketball team from Indiana that proves everyone wrong as they make a run for the national championship in 1954.

#4: Miracle – If you were alive and American in 1980, you remember the unbelievable performance of the U.S. national hockey team during the cold-war Olympics as they faced the unbeatable Russians.

#5: We Are Marshall – In a tragic true story of 1970, almost the entire Marshall University football team, including coaches and some fans, die in a plane crash. This movie documents the 1971 season of a patchwork team, consisting of freshmen and walk-ons, trying to win just one game.

Bonus: Invictus – The South African nation is struggling with the lasting effects of apartheid. In Nelson Mandela’s first term as President after being released from prison, he partners with the captain of the National Rugby Team to galvanize the nation by making a push for the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

We will release a new list each week for three weeks. Next week? The Top 5 Most Inspirational Military Movies!

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