Pay It Forward

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-by Matt Leedham

“Think of an idea to change the world – and put it into ACTION!”
– Kevin Spacey in Pay It Forward

“This is your assignment. Extra credit. It goes on all…year…long.”

I know it’s only Tuesday, friends, but I feel the need for inspiration. Sometimes it can seem a little unrealistic to try to change the world. Let’s face it. It’s hard, it’s time consuming, and it’s daunting. But how about…possible?

All of us have the ability to affect the immediate world around us. All of us have the power to change someone’s day by merely interacting with them in a positive way. All of us can change OUR world, and if we do, together we will create a ripple affect around the planet.

I recently came across this video of a simple man from Madurai, India who decided to change his world. He was a chef at a 5-star hotel. But something changed his life and he left all of his success behind to make an impact in his community.

I will leave you with this quote and hope that some of you are inspired to take action.

One thought on “Pay It Forward

  1. GREAT inspiration today, Matt. Oh, if all the world could just see…if we each tried to make a difference…if even 1 out of every 10 determined to make this world what it should be…there is no way we could not prevail and see the world turned upside down!

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