Top 5 Inspirational Movies – Weekly Wednesday Inspiration #5

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-by Matt Leedham

Welcome back! This is the second installation of the Top 5 Most Inspirational Movies. There are many more than 5 inspirational movies, so we’ve divided them into three categories:

  1. Sports
  2. Military
  3. Life

We covered Inspirational Sports Movies last week. Below, you’ll find the Top 5 Most Inspirational Military Movies. Did your favorite movie make the list?

Top 5 Most Inspirational Military Movies:

#1: Saving Private Ryan – in this critically acclaimed, epic war film, we follow a group of soldiers that somehow make it off the beaches of Normandy only to be called on for another special mission. They must find the last surviving brother of four after the other three have been killed in action, and bring him home alive.

#2: Braveheart – William Wallace, the son of martyrs fighting for freedom, is a commoner that unites all of Scotland to defeat the advances of the English King, Edward the Longshanks. He battles soldiers, betrayals, and the loss of loved ones on his quest.

#3: Gladiator – Once favored by the people and the aging King, Roman general Maximus fails to see what the jealous prince is capable of doing. After his family is murdered and he is captured, he must fight in the Gladiator Games until he is defeated and killed. His skill and fury keep him alive until he is able to exact revenge.

#4: GI Jane – After a politically motivated Senator fights for gender integration of the Navy, she is challenged to find a female candidate to enter the Navy SEAL training program. Determined to prove everyone wrong, LT Jordan O’neil, begins her quest to succeed at any cost.

#5: Top Gun – Who can forget that tenuous relationship between Maverick and Iceman? This epic Navy fighter jet movie follows the struggle of one struggling pilot to keep control while living on the edge. Of course, a hot-blooded romance ensues with the leading lady.

Did you forget the ending of Top Gun? I doubt it. But in case you did, here you go:

Will Jaime have another rebuttal this week? Even I don’t know!

Coming up next week: Top 5 Most Inspirational “Life” Movies! It’s sort of a general category for movies that aren’t really Sports or Military. Can you guess what they are?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Inspirational Movies – Weekly Wednesday Inspiration #5

  1. I am not going to have a full rebuttal today, but I have to point out that Men of Honor, the movie based on the life story of the first African American Navy Diver, Carl Brashear, should have made the list.

    Seconding Top Gun and GI Jane though!

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