Top 5 Inspirational Movies – Weekly Wednesday Inspiration #6

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-by Matt Leedham

Welcome back! We have a very special announcement today. Velocity’s blog turns 100!! Can you believe that we have posted 100 times since October 2010? Unbelievable…

Thank you for your support!

What better way to celebrate than with another installation of the Top 5 Most Inspirational Movies. There are many more than 5 inspirational movies, so we’ve divided them into three categories:

  1. Sports
  2. Military
  3. Life

We covered Inspirational Sports and Military Movies already over the last two weeks. Below, you’ll find the Top 5 Most Inspirational “Life” Movies. This is a general category of very inspirational movies that didn’t fit into other specific categories. Did your favorite movie make the list?

Top 5 Most Inspirational “Life” Movies:

#1: It’s a Wonderful Life – This is my favorite movie of all time. In this 1946 classic, local businessman, George Bailey, has been generous and good to people his whole life. But when the scrooge-like Mr. Potter puts the screws to George on Christmas Eve, George begins to lose faith in who he is and thinks that the world would be better off without him. His family’s prayers are answered when an angel is sent to show George just what his home town of Bedford Falls would be like without him. *Editor’s pick!

#2: Life is Beautiful – This is a heartwarming, yet tragic film about a life-loving Jewish bookkeeper named Guido in 1930’s Italy who marries a beautiful girl and is blessed with a son. When his family is sent to a concentration camp during the German occupation, Guido tries to protect his young son by using his imagination and humor to pretend that the Holocaust is a game that his son must play in an effort to escape and win a tank.

#3: Dead Poets Society – In some moving performances by a great young cast, the Dead Poets Society takes place at the Welton Academy for boys in New England. When Professor Keeting, a new English teacher arrives, he challenges the boys to think outside the box as individuals. This results in great learning and great conflict, both internally for each boy, and also externally at the school. This story is packed with tragedy and triumph, learning and growing.

#4: Stand and Deliver – Based on a true story in East Los Angeles, this story shows how powerful expectations, positive thinking, and hard work can be, even in the most dire situations. Jaime Escalante is a math teacher at Garfield High School – a predominantly Hispanic school with a terrible performance record. Jaime believes he can turn a class of underperformers into college credit-earning calculus students. His students perform so well that the he is charged with cheating and his students are forced to retake the Advanced Placement exams.

#5: Good Will Hunting – A native of Boston’s South End, Will Hunting can’t picture a life apart from his blue-collar roots, but as a janitor at MIT, his talent for mathematics and chemistry is discovered. With pressure from every angle to be more than he thinks he is capable of, he needs the assistance of psychologist Sean Maguire. Together they uncover what’s holding Will back and how he can live the life he was meant to live.

Will there be more inspirational movies? Stay tuned! Have a great Wednesday!

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