Why We Launched A Triathlon Training Program

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-by Matt Leedham

One of my core values is “Purpose & Meaning.” I have defined that in 3 ways for myself: analyze activities and goals for meaning; strive to live my life for something big, and; help others discover their purpose. Essentially, knowing why I chose to do something, and doing it with intention, is very important to me. Time is limited, and I have so much to get done, so I need to be very critical with what I choose to spend my time on.

When the opportunity presented itself to create this Triathlon Training Program, we didn’t jump at it right away. We reflected on it, asked some hard questions and really thought about whether or not this had purpose and meaning for both Velocity as a whole, and for us personally.

As you can tell by our excitement in launching the program yesterday, our conclusion was that it was a great fit. And here’s why:

  1. Walk the Walk – Jaime and I have been writing and teaching about personal achievement for some time. We’ve shared a lot of personal stories, successes, and failures. We encourage people to be great and live up to their potential. And we’ve received a lot of wonderful feedback from those that are inspired by what we write and those that have attended our live workshops. Well, now is the time to lead the charge and take action. We’ve been talking the talk and now it’s time to walk the walk. We started this program based on the passionate belief that regardless of current weight, fitness level, or physical ailments, anyone can compete in and complete a triathlon. Join us!

  2. Common Denominator – The more we talk to people the more we realize two things. First, we are all so amazingly different, complex and yet simple. We perceive the world in a way that only we can – uniquely based our experiences. However, in spite of our varied perspectives, almost all of us seem to have one goal in common. I have yet to talk to someone where health or healthy living was not a priority. Whether or not we are actually living a healthy lifestyle, we all seem to want it. We all want to be faster, stronger, thinner, sexier, more energized, and more vibrant. We believe this program will answer the call for many of you. It certainly will for us!
  3. Adult Recess – We are all guilty of taking ourselves too seriously sometimes (or not seriously enough). We can get into habits, routines, and ruts. We get distracted by “life” and all of a sudden our commitments pile up and we forget about one very important thing – ourselves. This program is designed to be fun! It’s opportunity to get outside, get active, and get healthy. Nothing feels better than the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. So get off the couch and come join us! Make some time in your life to invest in yourself. Spring is around the corner and we’re going to go have some fun!

I will leave you with this final thought. You may not be able to join us in our Triathlon Training Program for many reasons. You may not live in the area, you may have insecurities about your athleticism*, or you may not have the resources to join us. Whatever the reason may be, don’t stop here. Get out there, get active, and get healthy. You’ll thank yourself for it. And so will everyone around you that you inspire.

*please email us at answers@velocitygoals.com about your concerns – this program was created to include anyone, regardless of fitness level.

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