Staying Balanced

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-by Matt Leedham

Do you ever feel unbalanced? Not chemically imbalanced, but like your life is too heavily weighted in one direction? Like all of your time and energy is going to one area of your life at the expense of all other areas?

There are many areas of life that need to be in balance. When one area is neglected, it begins to affect the whole system. Here are the major areas of life to be considered. How would you rank your personal satisfaction with each?

  • Family Relationships
  • Professional Satisfaction
  • Financial Health
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social/Intimate Relationships
  • Social Life
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Personal Growth

Is there anything in your life that you are letting slide? For me, I tend to let health & wellness, relationships, and social life fall to the wayside when things get hectic. And when I think about it, these are precisely the last things that should be sacrificed.

What are common causes of personal imbalance?

  1. Sudden or gradual increase in stress
  2. Trauma or sickness
  3. Travel for work or pleasure

What each of these causes amount to, typically, is a disruption to your daily routine. Personally, I find that a disruption to my routine is the biggest cause of a downward trend. As much as I hate to have a routine, it’s essential to maintaining consistent balance for me. Given that a routine is very difficult for me to maintain right now, I’ve become quite adept at predicting a possible disruption, or at least immediately identifying the disruption when it happens. I find that awareness of the issue is half the battle. If I can see what is happening, I can intervene.

Take the time now to take stock in your life. How are things going? What have you been neglecting that is likely causing you pain? Bring this into awareness and start to take some small steps toward addressing balance.

As always, Jaime and I are available for consultation for you or your friends and family. Email us and we’ll set up a time to do a brief introduction to coaching and balance to see where you’re at.

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