Buyer’s Remorse

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-by Matt Leedham

Do you ever experience buyer’s remorse? It’s that dreadful feeling after you’ve purchased something that maybe you shouldn’t have. Or when you feel that you may have overpaid for something.

The problem with buyer’s remorse is that most people wallow in regret. That’s a dangerous place to spend your time if you’re trying to avoid negativity.

Simple example: This weekend my wife and I went to a housewarming for my brother and sister-in-law. We stopped by a Korean bakery and picked up a number of items, including two cakes. We were running a little late, so it was a quick transaction. As we’re getting into the car, my wife says, “oh no.” When I inquired what was the matter, she informed me that we just spent $40 on a 10-inch sweet potato cake.

Immediate Reaction: Buyer’s remorse!

Ongoing Reaction: Regret. The next 5 minutes in the car was about regretting the purchase.

Mental Intervention: How can you flip this on its head? We’re not going to return the cake. That’s just silly. So, the money has been spent and there’s no getting it back. The only option is to enjoy the HECK out of this cake! From that point on, I couldn’t wait to share this “golden” cake with everyone, and personally savor every last bite.

Result: We chuckled about it the rest of the way in the car. And we imagined how delicious the cake would be. Plus, it was the nicest cake they have – how appropriate for a joyous celebration of someone’s new house!

In the End: The sweet potato cake was consumed in seconds upon cutting it up. It was a hit! And we REALLY enjoyed our slice. J

What’s your Korean sweet potato cake right now? How can you flip your situation on its head? Remember, everything is a choice. There are no mistakes, only choices. And you can choose to define something as good or bad. There are many ways to look at the same thing, so why not choose a positive, optimistic perspective?

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