Water Your Dream

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-by Matt Leedham

This past weekend, my wife and I did some major landscaping work. Well, I should say, we had someone do some major landscaping work. We have a very small property in the city, so the work only took a few guys one day to complete. However, it can’t end there. In fact, they just got us started. The real works comes in the days, weeks and months ahead.

As it turns out, the most critical time for new plants is the first 3 weeks they are in the ground. During this time, the amount of sun, water, and added nutrients each plant gets is essential. Plants actually need four things:

  1. Water – so that the roots can grow strong, stable, and hydrate the rest of the plant
  2. Sun – to convert into energy that builds strong stems, leaves, and beautiful flowers
  3. Nutrients – to accelerate growth and allow for the plants’ full potential
  4. Protection – from weather, insects, birds, and other critters (in our case, squirrels!)

While plants need all of these things throughout their lives, they especially need them in the beginning. Plants, like humans, can experience shock when thrown into a new environment. Everything is very delicate and they need help settling in to their new life.

What the heck does this have to do with achieving more?

When setting a new goal, or going after a life-long dream, you also need these four things. And much like plants, the first 3 weeks is delicate. You need extra care when starting out on something new to allow that goal to get settled and flourish in your life. Much like plants, you will need:

  1. Water – the live-giving nature of water is much like the goal-giving nature of inspiration. You need that constant inspiration and drive to continue onward.
  2. Sun – for strength, what is your ‘sun?’ What is the power source of strength in your life? Is it your family? Is it your faith? Is it education?
  3. Nutrients – humans need growth accelerants too. We need to celebrate our successes, find mentors, and be coached forward.
  4. Protection – I once heard that the beginning of human inspiration is like a tiny whisper of a flame. It must be protected or even the slightest breeze will blow it out, never to return again in the same way.

Protecting your dream, your motivation, and your inspiration is so important when things are new. It can so easily disappear with the slightest obstacle, challenge, or negative influence in your life. Your goal or dream needs to get settled and build strong roots to flourish.

So, go on! Give your dream the water, sun, and nutrients it needs. But most important, vigorously protect it from the elements.

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