The Blended Life

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-by Matt Leedham

Coaching entrepreneurs is exciting work, particularly when there is a new idea taking off or the business is growing. Inevitably, though, the topic of work/life balance comes up. Without fail, this will be discussed in the first few sessions with a new client.

Understandably, this is a concern for a business owner. They have clients, vendors, employees, spouses, children, pets, homes, cars, health concerns, friends, parents, and siblings to worry about. That’s a lot of plates to be spinning. How is it possible to balance it all?

Answer: It’s NOT!

Balance for an entrepreneur is overrated and unrealistic. Rather, a blended life where are all responsibilities and relationships are integrated with each other is the key.

How do you create a The Blended Life without alienating your family and friends or your employees and clients?

Step 1: Awareness

Analyze the situation. Jot down all of your roles in life (e.g. friend, mother, father, boss, CEO, visionary, etc.). Continue to write down the responsibilities of each role. Then start to formulate thoughts around how you can blend these things together, particularly where they overlap.

Step 2: Communication

Once you’ve identified all of your roles and key stakeholders, it’s time to reach out. With a humble heart, you are asking for help and support. You will communicate your different roles and how integration in your life is a priority. You may even ask for suggestions on how you can better integrate all that is important to you.

Step 3: Execution

With your spouse, children, and employees, it is critical that you build in a rhythm of communication and collaboration. The successful execution of your integration plan depends upon this. Keeping everyone informed and part of the process will yield buy-in and engagement.

As you integrate your priorities, you will begin to see “cross-functional” support for your goals. Your employees will cheer you on as you tackle personal goals. And your family and friends will cheer you on as you take on big business opportunities.

With support coming from all around you, you will now begin to see that being an entrepreneur isn’t a job, it’s who you are. It permeates all that you do and touches everyone around you.

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