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-by Matt Leedham

The other day, I was overwhelmed with a general sense of gratitude. I’ve learned why gratitude is so important, so I took a moment to think about why I felt so grateful. What was interesting is that my house, my car, and my “man cave” didn’t register on the list.

My gratitude was much more intangible…much more spiritual…much more connected to other people.

For example, I was grateful for:

  • Having a life partner that supports me and makes me laugh
  • My thirst for learning new things and my quest to “try out” new things I learn
  • The experience of disconnecting and reconnecting with my brother after almost 20 years
  • My love of writing and sharing ideas
  • My in-laws for teaching me new things and welcoming me with open arms
  • My fascination with travel, maps, food, culture, and world exploration
  • My parents, my sister and brother in-law, and their kids for not judging my journey and supporting me along the way
  • My dog for being kind and gentle, all while being very anxious (she reminds me of myself actually)

Only after I expressed gratitude for these things did I then begin to feel gratitude for material possessions. But I was not just grateful for my house. I was grateful for having a wonderful home to share with my wife as we build our lives together, and to be able to host friends and family for celebrations and holidays.

I was not just grateful for my car. I was grateful for having an accessible mode of transportation to get me around to see the people I love and do the things I love.

My man cave? Well, I was little grateful for my man cave. I mean, that thing is awesome!

But even that, after I let my ego chill out, turned out to be something more than just the material object. In fact, I am grateful that I have a comfortable place for my brother to stay when he visits.

I’m curious, what are you grateful for? Did you have the same experience I did?

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