Intuition Without Borders

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-by Matt Leedham

I’ve spent a lot of time this year reflecting on intuition. What exactly is it and how can I use it to help others?

I have found that when I tap into and trust my intuition, good things happen for me and others. Apparently I know things I don’t know I know, and am highly perceptive and sensitive to other’s feelings.

The last week I’ve spent in Korea has reconfirmed and reaffirmed my intuition. In the books and articles I’ve read on this wonderful country, they often speak of the tight bond the Korean people have with each other. My wife speaks of it too.

Having witnessed this bond myself, I feel confident that we are all connected by something much deeper than bloodlines, friendships, and proximity. There is something unexplainable that connects humans to each other. I can’t describe it in detail, but I will share 3 things that happened to me yesterday that has me pondering this notion with greater intensity.

Over lunch, Halmuhni (my wife’s grandmother) would tell stories about Korean culture and history. My wife would try to translate as much as possible, but I had some questions of my own. The dialog went back and forth for awhile through our translator, but I could tell that Halmuhni was energized by my inquisitive questions.

As we stood up to leave, she admitted that she was sad that she couldn’t communicate with me directly, wishing that we could just sit and chat and get to know each other better.

Then she added (translated), “That’s okay, we don’t need words…our hearts can communicate.”

That was deep.

But she’s absolutely right. Without being able to say it, she knows that I care for her and love her. And I know that it brings her great joy to be a grandma to me…making sue I have enough to eat, that I sleep well, and that I am always comfortable.

Later that day we arrived in Yeosu and met up with a woman and her daughter for dinner. This was a special meal. My Abunim (father-in-law) had a childhood friend that used to live in Yeosu and this was his wife and daughter. Tragically, Abunim’s best friend was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago. I was told that this may be an emotional meeting, but I didn’t quite process what that meant.

When we sat down for dinner, the daughter told my wife that she wished she could speak to me and get to know me. But then added (translated), “That’s okay, I know who he is by looking at his eyes. He is kind and laid back.”

Again, I was impressed with how little words had to do with how we communicate.

As dinner continued, the woman told stories. Clearly she was talking about her late husband. The the rest of the room was captivated and gave her their complete, compassionate attention.

I found myself doing the same. I was completely engrossed in her story, even though I could not understand her words. I didn’t need to understand the words, because I understood the emotion behind them. As she was unraveling a painful recollection, I saw the deep sadness in her eyes and could physically feel how painful it was for her to have lost her husband.

I found myself getting choked up and my eyes watered. I had no idea what she was saying but I could feel it.

This experience has really moved me. It has allowed me to see things a little differently. It’s like when someone loses one of their senses, like sight or hearing, and the other senses begin to develop more strongly to compensate. My inability to understand the Korean language fully forced me to tune in at a deeper level. One that is difficult to explain but certainly exists.

How can you tap into your intuition? How can you listen more deeply, with more than just your ears, when you are with your friends, family, spouse, colleagues, etc.?

Using your intuition can help you build stronger relationships, with more understanding and appreciation. It connects us all deeply and is the foundation of our invisible human bond.

I urge you to trust your gut. If you have an intuitive hit with someone or something, do something with it. Appreciate it. You, and those around you, will gain so much from that gift.

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