Keep It Weird

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I love it when I meet people that are very uniquely themselves.  They are such rare gems.

Last week, I found myself in Austin, TX listening to the Grammy Award winning band, Grupo Fantasma.  They are a group of 10 guys playing music that incorporates funk, mambo, meringue, and cumbia (check out their music here).  They have a unique sound, and it was clear that they were having fun! 

This band definitely knows who they are and were shouting it from the rooftops.

This got me thinking.  Since we have built a program around bullet-proofing WHO you are, is it also possible that a group of people can define, embrace, and proclaim who they are?  Absolutely!

And if a group can do that, can an entire community or city?

As it turns out, Austin was the right place to be to figure that out.  Do you know Austin’s official city motto?

Check out this short video and find out…


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