Love More, Fear Less

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-by Matt Leedham
My New Year’s resolution is simple. It’s not a goal. It’s not a metric to hit. It’s not entirely measurable or specific.
But it is inspiring. And it challenges me to grow.
Love more. Fear less.
That’s it. It’s more of a mantra than anything else. Yet it speaks volumes to me. In fact, the depth of its meaning for me is immeasurable.
You see, I’ve been living for many years at the whim of circumstance. I’ve tried to project, outwardly, an image of success, confidence, and perfection. While digging deep into who I am this year, I’ve discovered that I was living in a cycle of fraudulent fakery.
To me, love more has many meanings. Not only does it mean to have and express gratitude for all of the wonderful people and experiences in my life, but it goes one step deeper. It means having an unconditional love for myself, something I had never experienced before.
Which leads me to fear less. I have never allowed myself to live fully, in great appreciation of who I was. I was always not something. I was always not someone. I was always so busy projecting out a confidence that was inauthentic, that I found myself trying to protect the image that I wanted others to see. An image of perfection.
This inauthentic image prevented me from taking risks. It prevented me from going 110% in life to explore my full potential. It prevented me from living fully. And for what? To maintain an undefined image of success that I wanted others to see?
This year, I choose to live differently.
This year, I choose to express my gifts and talents freely, without the pressure to impress anyone. This year, I choose to understand my own ideal image of success, and not try to live up to an imaginary one I’ve created that I think will please others.
This year I choose to love more and fear less.
If this resonates with you, leave a comment and us know what you’re thinking.

12 thoughts on “Love More, Fear Less

  1. Good post man. Love the mantra and the inspiration. My un-SMART goals this year revolve around trust, friendship and reciprocity.

  2. Thanks Brady! Yes, I've got a new appreciation for unSMART goals!

    Hey, regarding your movement toward trust, friendship, and reciprocity, I wonder if there is a way for you to boldly step out this week and make progress?

    When you're ready, let me know how it goes, or how I can help you.

  3. Matt – I'm ispired already! And wondering if you were looking over my 2012 Intentions. There are 10 of them, but the top 3 are…
    Love myself unconditionally.
    Be Love.
    Step outside of my comfort zone and play BIG!

    Thanks for sharing. One day I hope to be as good a blogger as you. In the mean time… I love what you are doing and who you are being!

  4. Stephanie, those are phenomenal! It would appear, from my vantage point, that if you were to love yourself unconditionally, you WOULD be love.

    I can't wait to hear about your adventures in 2012!

    I have good news. Blogging is all about authenticity and starting a conversation. You are already perfectly talented at that!

  5. Thanks Leedham, as a matter of fact yesterday after writing them on postits around my office, I recommended a colleague on LinkedIn and reached out to an old friend I'd lost touch with. I guess those arent bold steps, but steps none the less. Now to just keep it up :)

  6. Not bold steps? Sir, you have moved mountains with a simple intention. Who knows what that recommendation will do for that colleague – maybe your words will catch the eye of his/her next employer. And regarding your old friend, did you know that not keeping in touch with friends makes the list of top 5 regrets of terminally ill patients? (check today's post for more on that)

    Brady, all actions big and small have a tremendous impact on others. Thanks for playing big and living boldly!

  7. Matt – love the post and the video, great job!! Your words are very inspirational and hold true for many, including myself. Keep up the great work and all the best for a fantastic 2012!!


  8. Thanks for the kind words, Ben! I appreciate you stopping by and I hope to hear more about how 2012 will be an amazing year for you.

  9. Thanks for your honesty Matt. When people are honest and recognize what you have recognized here, is when they can truly be happy. I decided to love myself and live a life true to myself a few years back… and I´ve never been happier. I have values, and I live my life true to my values… that makes me 100% happy.

    There is nothing greater than loving yourself and letting yourself follow your dreams, and live a happy honest life… Which is a result of making decisions we believe in, not influenced by what people or society expects of us.

  10. You nailed, Maricarmen! Knowing who you are, what you value, and how you define success are the keys to happiness.

    Thanks for the note, and here's to a joy-filled 2012!

  11. Not only do you have a gift you are a gift. I hit a little speed bump over the weekend and your post and ability to make yourself more vulnerable helped me worked through something so thank you for that. I have a quote at my desk “as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others” – Marianne Williamson

    Laura Johnson

  12. That is a beautiful quote, Laura. Thank you for sharing. It's so appropriate right now for me. It's amazing what happens when we release fear: we become a beacon of light for others to follow. I'm only paying it forward, as others have shown me the way…

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