American Idol is like College Basketball

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I am drawn to people doing what they are passionate about.  I also admire those that express themselves in what they do.  I love when people take risks and bet on their own abilities.

For these reasons, I love NCAA basketball.  These kids play their hearts out every game!  For these same reasons, I do not love NBA basketball.  Somehow money changes the game and player efforts diminish.  This of course makes me question how much a player loves the game.  If they do not love the game and their role within it, then I have no interest in watching them.  On the other hand, if they do love the game and play their heart out, I will watch eagerly!

Why do you think everyone in New York is going LINsane?  Sure, it’s an amazing story, but deep down we love the drive and commitment and the fortitude that is being displayed on a national stage.

It is also for these reasons that I watch American Idol.  I’ll admit it.  I love it.  Don’t be ashamed if you love it too.  Proclaim it below in the comments and show your support (of me)!

These kids, good or bad, are pouring their heart and soul into something they care so deeply about.  The passion, conviction, and emotion that emanates from most of them is intoxicating.

Ask yourself, have you EVER felt that strongly about something?  If not, ask yourself, do you ever WANT to feel that strongly about something?

That kind of emotion comes from people aligning what they do with who they are.  You can feel that way too.

I didn’t always feel passionate and engaged with my life.  But I do now.  It’s not even that “hard” to get here.  But it takes practice, reflection, more practice, some tweaking, and a lot more practice.

If you feel similarly about appreciating others that are passionately doing what they love, how about beginning to appreciate yourself more by honoring who you are and doing what you love?

No need to make drastic change today (unless you’re into that kind of thing), but what one thing can you do over the next week that you are truly passionate about?

We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below!

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