Four Things Come Back Not

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“Four things come back not:  the spoken word; the sped arrow; time past; the neglected opportunity.”

Umar ibn al-Khattab, Caliph (AD 592-644)


I was reflecting on this quote last night and this morning.  Here are my insights on what I consider a quote with some depth…

This is me… reflecting

The Spoken Word

Do not fear to express yourself.  However, know that your words carry weight and when addressing others, choose your words with care and compassion.

The Sped Arrow

There is a time for passiveness, and a time for aggressiveness.  Both have their advantages when timed well.  Choose your timing carefully, particularly when on the offensive.

Time Past

The past is a memory and the future is your imagination.  All we have is the moment we are in now.  Do not waste this precious gift.  Instead embrace it, even if it contains fear, pain, or anguish.  It is part of our experience.

Neglected Opportunity

Once the present moment becomes past, the same arrangement of time, space, and things no longer exist.  A new situation is now presented.  Be grateful for this awareness and choose to take action or no action.


What are your thoughts on this quote?  How do you interpret it?  Leave a comment below!


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