Thank You, Oxygen

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I caught myself yesterday morning in a fantastic mood.  I mean, I was really feeling great. 

I was feeling so great that I was feeling grateful for everything.  I was so deeply thankful for my incredible wife and how she supports me.   I was grateful for my incredible colleagues who allow me to express myself.  I was grateful for my partners (Jaime, Scott, and Christie) who inspire me.

And I was really grateful for me!

I celebrated a significant milestone with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.  I also celebrated that after a year and half of hard work, I have become a Certified Professional Coach and have had the opportunity to impact so many lives.  Truly, I am living the dream and I couldn’t be happier.

I also noticed that the more intentionally grateful I am, the more there is to be grateful about!

You know, I’ve read that in books and have even heard people speak of this phenomenon.  Well, I can tell you that it is for real!

While I am very grateful for many things, last week I was particularly grateful for oxygen.  Watch the video below (from Bogota, Colombia) to find out why!

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