Release Your Fears (The Future is Now)

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We’ve spoken and written a lot on the importance of creating a personal vision.  A vision that is clear and specific…one that you can actually see in your mind.

But I find that focusing on the future obsessively will create short-term misery.  If you think about it, our minds are constantly living in the future.

We live in the future when we worry.  Worrying is simply projecting our anxieties into the future.  You may have heard that “worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen.”

We live in the future when we doubt ourselves.  Doubting ourselves is projecting our own expected failure into the future.

We live in the future when we let fear hold us back.  Fear of what other people may think of us is an assumption we place into the future.

The way to deal with these little mind-traps is to take intentional steps to stay present in the moment.  Stay within yourself.  Center yourself.  Ground yourself.

We all do this in different ways – exercise, prayer, meditation, music, breathing, etc.  Whatever you find most effective, do that.  And do it often.

When you realize that the present moment is perfect, you then realize that you are perfect…right now.

And from a place grounded in “now,” we are free to choose actions and directions without limits.  Fears melt away.  Anxiety disappears.  Doubt vanishes.

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