What’s In Your Bag?

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This past weekend Velocity hosted its first Life Camp retreat.  It was so amazing and transformational for those that joined us (read testimonials here).  People have asked me, “what happened?  Why was it so amazing?”

It’s difficult to summarize all that occurred, so let me try to catch the essence of the retreat with a short story.


Imagine that you are on vacation in Hawaii.  It is a perfect day – blue skies, 85 degrees, a cool breeze coming off the ocean.

Instead of going to the beach, you decide to challenge yourself with a hike today.  Upon arriving at the trail, you can see a peak in the distance, and think to yourself, “the view must be so amazing up there…”

You can’t wait to get started, envisioning the picture of paradise you will see at the top of that hill.  You excitedly grab your backpack and start walking toward your destination.

After walking for 20 minutes, you begin to realize that this hike may be a bit more difficult than you had expected.  Your backpack is heavy, and you’re breaking a sweat.

Another 20 minutes goes by and your pace has slowed significantly.  Your bag is feeling heavier, you’re tired, and you can’t even see the peak anymore through all of the palm trees.  But you carry on.

After 60 minutes of hiking, you stop.  You’re exhausted and can’t go on anymore.  You have no idea how far you’ve come or how far you still have to go.  You’re alone and frustrated.

You drop your backpack to the ground with a thud.  Confused, you turn around and wonder what is making your bag so heavy.  You have a seat, and open your bag.

What you see shocks you.

“What are all these rocks doing in my bag?  I don’t need any rocks!”  So, one by one, you take large rocks out of your bag and leave them on the ground.

Underneath all of those rocks, you spot a map of the trail.  “Now this I could use!”  You also find a bottle of water and a granola bar.  “Ah, perfect!”  You take a bite and drink some water.

As you put your supplies back in your bag, a group of 6 hikers comes walking up the trail on their way to the top.  You say hello, but seem tired.  Sensing your need for support, the group asks you to join them.  “Wow, that’d be great!” you reply.

With renewed energy and the support of others, you start hiking again.  Your backpack is so much lighter now that you’ve unpacked what you don’t need, and kept the things that are helpful to you.

Your new found friends are humorous and playful.  The rest of the hike flies by with laughter and interesting stories.  Before you know it, you’re at the top, looking at a inspiring seen of the Hawaiian coastline in the distance.  You feel proud of what you accomplished, connected to others, and grateful for the experience.


This is the story of our lives.  So many of us are lost, confused, frustrated, and exhausted.  We carry around with us so many “rocks” that we don’t need, and have not built a support system to broaden and build us.  What’s in your bag?

The Velocity Life Camp is designed to give you the clarity and space you need to remove whatever is holding you back from living an extraordinary life.  We then teach you the skills necessary to live your values and tap into your strengths to enjoy a life of intention and purpose.

This isn’t just a bunch of hooey!  Our activities and exercises are founded on the research and science of Positive Psychology and amplified by proven coaching techniques.  Our retreats have a lasting impact and unimaginable effects.

Ready to start the journey?

Next retreat:  September 28-30  (click here for more info)


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