Personal Clarity

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I often speak with entrepreneurs, realtors, business leaders, and other professionals about achieving more.  Of course, it is rare to find someone that is completely satisfied with the amount or pace of their achievements. 

And when you look at people around you or in the media, you find wide ranges of achievement.  Some people struggle to balance their checkbook, while others own and run 3+ businesses. 

Similarly, some businesses languish for years in mediocrity, barely able to keep the lights on, while others skyrocket to success.

What is the cause of this disparity?

Distractions are the primary reason people and businesses do not achieve the success they desire.  Without a question, to be distracted is the most detrimental obstacle to achieving a goal with any kind of efficiency. 

Distractions come from a lack of clarity around a number of personal and professional categories.  Here are some examples:

Points of Personal Clarity:

Are you clear on…

  • your core values and how to use them?
  • your signature strengths and how to leverage them?
  • your purpose and how to activate it?
  • the activities that bring you joy, happiness, engagement, and meaning?
  • how others’ energy affects you and vice versa?
  • your inner critic’s impact on your decisions?
  • your goals and why you want to achieve them?
  • how your sleep, nutrition, activity, stress an overall health affect your happiness and productivity?
  • what brings you the most satisfaction while you work?
  • what brings you the least satisfaction while you work?

Clarity around these ten issues will provide you with the foundation you need to be confident, happy, and successful.  When you are clear on responses to these questions, you are by default also aware of what a distraction looks like. 

A distraction will feel uncomfortable.  A distraction will feel misaligned with what you know you are supposed to do.  A distraction will be so obvious, you’ll forget how once it was so alluring.

But like anything worth having, gaining clarity takes work and practice.  How can you begin?  If you feel like you are not 100% clear on 1 or more of the above areas, take the Velocity Life Review assessment and receive a free debrief of your results.  This is the first step in gaining clarity around areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in your life. 

As always, with awareness comes choice.  Clarity is, therefore, empowering.

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