Personal/Professional Development Seminars

Velocity prides itself on custom designing workshops and seminars on a variety of topics related to communication, leadership, time management, stress management, life purpose, achieving goals, and teamwork.  We will also talk with clients about their needs to fully understand their learning objectives so that our programs deliver the desired results.

Below is a small sample of topics that Velocity can deliver to your team, group, or organization.

Tapping Into Your Strengths
A common misconception about excelling in the workplace is that you must shore up your weaknesses to become a well-rounded employee.  Many popular books have flipped this notion on its head, suggesting that maximizing your strengths is the way to go.  But not until the recent advent of positive psychology have we had a framework from which to operationalize one’s strengths through consistent focus and practice.  We can now literally practice job satisfaction, engagement, happiness, and productivity.  This workshop will have people focused on their talents and how to use them consistently in their current environment to be both more effective and happier.

High Pressure, Low Stress
Research from a Gallup Poll tells us that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.  Unchecked, stress can have detrimental effects on your health with common threats being high blood pressure, heart disease, generalized anxiety, and other mood-related disorders.  With proactive strategies, the workshop will teach you how to keep stress at bay and take advantage of quick opportunities to reduce the impact of daily stress on your health.

The Energetic Leader
Using the Energetic Self-Perception Chart and the 7 Levels of Energy featured in Bruce D. Schneider’s book, Energy Leadership, we will examine how energy permeates all that we do and think about.  This workshop is appropriate for everyone, whether you view yourself as a leader or not.  In some ways we are all leaders in different parts of our life, and awareness of how you project outwardly to others is a critical skill that effective leaders have developed.

Making the Shift – The Thought/Action Model
This  workshop is designed to cover the basic concept that our thoughts drive our emotions which drive our actions.  By consciously examining your thoughts and how they impact your feelings about a given situation, opportunity, goal, person, challenge, etc., you can choose to have new thoughts that yield new emotions and new actions.

The Roadblocks to Greatness
Every great achiever has out-maneuvered 4 common roadblocks to greatness.  Without exception, we all encounter limitations to our own potential that are directly related to how we perceive ourselves, our situation, and others.  This workshop will put you on high-alert to see these roadblocks immediately for what they are, and teach you strategies to quickly deal with and overcome them to stay on track.

Accountability Masterminds
A critical piece to goal achievement is accountability.  Some people can effectively hold themselves accountable, but Accountability Mastermind Groups offer support, guidance, resources, and perspectives that one may not have reached on their own.  This workshop will teach you how to organize and get the most out of an Accountability Mastermind Group, so that collectively, your group achieves great individual goals more rapidly.

Creating Your Life Filter 
Defining Personal Core Values is an introspective process, often neglected by most people, which can shift the way you make decisions and plan for the future.  This workshop will challenge you to put aside the ideas of who you want to become, and instead examine who you really are in the present moment.  You’ll leave with a decision filter and guiding compass for your life.

Sculpting the Future
We are so often consumed with the distractions of the day that we may forget to look forward, beyond our current limitations and restrictions.  High achievers know where they want to go and can see that vision in great detail.  You’ll walk away with an outline for a personal and/or professional vision for yourself and some next steps to making that vision a reality.

Special Weapons and Tactics
With a solid foundation in values and vision, it’s time to deploy special weapons and tactics to achieve your goals with massive and bold action, tactical precision, and uncompromising determination.  This workshop will review goal-setting and accountability strategies that yield results.  You’ll walk away with a 30-60-90 plan to make things happen.

The Power of Positivity
Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, and professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard University, says that our understanding of happiness is reversed.  Most people believe that achieving that next goal or reaching that next milestone will bring us closer to happiness.  However, research shows us that happiness often precedes achievement.  This  workshop will focus on some of the proven techniques that raise happiness levels in people over time.