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Matt Leedham, Chief Achievement Officer at Velocity

As an entrepreneur or business leader, you may have already discovered that work-life balance is a myth.  When you are so closely tied to the business through ownership and responsibility, it is quite common for personal challenges to affect your business, and for business challenges to affect your personal life. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were free to be your best self both at work and at home?  Imagine if you didn’t have to put on a different hat.  Picture the day where you can live your strengths both at home and at work, relieve stress, and increase productivity.  It’s possible through a multi-faceted approach. 

At Velocity, we work with business leaders to effectively plan for business growth, while also growing personally.  Through a combination of leadership coaching and strategic planning, you can enjoy the fast-paced roller coaster ride of being a leader.  Here are some ways to engage with Velocity: 

Leadership Coaching 

  • One-to-one coaching with a certified coach who is both an entrepreneur and a leader.
  • Weekly pulse checks to celebrate growth, address challenges, and keep you on track.
  • Access to various assessments to objectively measure results (see below).

Strategic Planning 

  • Executive education on proven strategic planning techniques that get results for you and your team.
  • Facilitated monthly strategic planning sessions with you and your leadership team.
  • Access to accountability software for businesses that want to commit to fast growth. 

Professional Development for Teams 

  • UNITE and GO™ – a 10-module professional development course designed for teams (see below for more information).
  • Half-day and full-day professional development workshops on topics that address improving communication, initiating productive conflict, how to deal with difficult people, and more.  Click here to view popular topics.


  • Velocity Assessments – including the Life Review (that measures your total life satisfaction across multiple categories) and Success Survey (that measures your ability and likelihood of achieving a goal).
  • Energy Leadership Index – an attitudinal assessment that measures your leadership approach and responses under stress.
  • DISC Assessment – a personality assessment tool that allows individuals and teams to better communicate by understanding their own style of behavior and the styles of others.  Click here to learn more about the tailored assessments for Leadership, Management, Sales, and Workplace.


Professional Development Program for Teams

 The UNITE and GO Course

How was work today?  Being in charge is what you love, but does your team lack that essential  “Yes Mentality.” 

Did you walk into the building already tired from thinking of all the impending deadlines? How many emails and voicemails do you have to return? How many meetings are you sitting in on today?  How many employees are complaining to you or behind your back?

And how has all of this affected your your passion for success?  How can you regain the pleasure in your job, inspire your team, all without forgoing any semblance of a personal life?

It is possible to achieve great things without sacrificing your happiness.

At Velocity we make it happen one organization at a time.

What is UNITE & GO™?

UNITE and GO™ is an innovative program that provides your team with the foundational knowledge grounded in positive psychology, the research-based skills gleaned from IMG_7259-Webrigorous academic literature, and the problem-solving techniques packaged in innovative, fun and useful team-building activities to allow you and your team to reach your goals at work and increase your well-being at work and at home.

UNITE and GO™ is comprised of ten information-packed modules.  Each module is facilitated weekly for 90 minutes.  This structure creates the greatest possibility for team and individual success. 

In fact, after Velocity facilitated a program for teachers at a public school in Washington, DC, career satisfaction among the cohort climbed by over 30% in just ten weeks!

The Ten Modules

  • Understanding Yourself 
    • When you know what is truly important to you, you can easily filter what earns your attention. We spend too much energy on our weaknesses when it’s our strengths that truly carry us. (2 Modules)
  • Nexus of Communication
    • Walk away from your caveman instincts and instead think your way out of stress. Defuse anger, get the facts without judgment, and learn to leave assumptions behind. (1 Module)
  • Intentional Positivity
    • Happiness is not an accident.  Be intentional about how you approach daily activities and build, instead of drain, your emotional bank account. (2 Modules)
  • Triggers and Traumas
    • Find out what is really pushing your buttons and do something about it.  Learn how to thrive even in the face of challenges and setbacks.  (2 Modules)
  • Evaluating Relationships
    • Surrounding yourself with a dream team allows you to increase your chances of success.  Learn when to create boundaries, reframe relationships, accept personality differences and when to leave. (1 Module)
  • Goal Optimization
    • Achieving goals begins with having a well thought out vision of success.  Chunk your vision into small  steps, stay flexible as you go, and bounce back from setbacks to achieve success. (2 Modules)


“Wow, you guys were fantastic.  Everyone commented about how great you were at facilitating a thought-provoking discussion on goal setting. Thanks so very much for coming, your timing was perfect and your presentation was excellent.  I really appreciate your time and professionalism.”

Joseph Himali, Founder and Owner of Best Address Real Estate, Washington, DC 

The Instructors

Scott, Jaime, and Matt are all Certified Professional Coaches who are passionate about Three Coachesthe science of well-being.  They have been educating others for over 30 years.  Since founding Velocity in 2010, they’ve reached thousands, including clients like Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Deloitte Consulting, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Johns Hopkins University,  DC Public Schools, Rotary Club, Junior League, and GoDCGo.

Click here for more information on the instructors 

Make It Happen for Your Team

Offer your organization’s entire staff our full UNITE and GO™ Course – 15 hours of curriculum spread over 90-minute for one low price!  Your cost includes certified professional coach instructors who are experienced trainers, scientifically-researched curriculum and course materials for each attendee, and free access to several assessment tools for participants. We even encourage your team members to sign up for one free 1-to-1 coaching session after the program ends.

Need a Customized Program?

We offer customized team-building options for your organization too. Let us help you rebuild your team’s passion for success and get results TODAY!

Call or email us today to book a free one-hour session on team building: or 202.670.4625