Professional Development

Professional Development Training Seminars

Here is a listing of our most popular 90 minute to 3 hour training seminars.

Intentional Positivity

  • Goal achievement is far more likely if we first improve our happiness and well-being.  This does not happen by accident.  Learn how to be intentional about improving your set-point of happiness.  Practicing positivity improves emotional intelligence, makes goal achievement fun, and fosters strong and trusting teams.

Strength Training

  • Teams and individuals spend too much time focusing time and energy on  improving weaknesses when our strengths are what truly determine our unique value.  Learn how living a strengths-based life in and out of the office helps everyone to achieve more expansive goals. 

Valued Purpose

  • It is one thing to know your list of core values.   It is quite another to create a valued purpose statement so you and your team know exactly what’s most important.  It’s the decision filter that determines what earns your full attention. Learn how spending the time to conceptualize, formulate, and live a valued purpose life pays dividends to you and your team. 

Attitude Awareness

  • Simple neuroscience is explored as we see the brain for what it can be:  a sophisticated problem solving tool.  This tool malfunctions when we choose negative attitudes without understanding the causes for our negativity.  Learn how to walk away from your caveman instincts and instead think your way out of stress and into creative solutions.

Curious Communicating

  • Learn how to become a great communicator.  Individuals and teams that can defuse anger, get the facts without judgment, and learn to leave assumptions behind thrive and achieve.  Learn these skills in a fun and interactive environment. 

Blueprinting Goals

  • Learn the science and art behind setting and achieving goals.  When we chunk our aligned goals into small (smaller than that) steps, achievement is effortless. These skills are explored and practiced with real-life examples.   

Disarming Triggers

  • What is making you so upset?  It’s never really about taking out the garbage is it? Find out what is really pushing your buttons.  Then discover new ways to create balance in your everyday routine to prevent exaggerated reactions to everyday challenges.

Creating Boundaries

  • We explore the four ways to respond to difficult relationships.  Knowing when and how to create boundaries in our lives is critical to work-life balance. We practice and explore the differences between being kind to others and self sacrificing and being kind to ourselves and living a successful life. 


  • Why are some people more resilient than others?  We explore the power of post-tramautic growth with real-life examples and ways to improve your own resilience.  When faced with insurmountable odds we find out how some people overcome, adapt, and thrive.

Becoming Dynamic

  • Who has the most unrealistic expectations for your success? You do. Perfectionism is an infectious 21st century disease that prevents innovation, exploration, and success.  We explore the essential components to living a more dynamic life at home and at work.  Let’s get real and become dynamos.

The YES Mentality

  • What makes a person successful at navigating personal and professional relationships?  When we embrace the components of The YES Mentality we maximize our potential.  The components of this process are broken down so individuals and teams can stop living with an obstacle mindset and start exploring the opportunity mindset.

Professional Development Packages

At Velocity we also offer three professional development comprehensive packages:

The Instructors

Scott, Jaime, and Matt are all Certified Professional Coaches who are passionate about Three Coachesthe science of well-being.  They have been educating others for over 30 years.  Since founding Velocity in 2010, they’ve reached thousands, including clients like Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Deloitte Consulting, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Johns Hopkins University,  DC Public Schools, Rotary Club, Junior League, and GoDCGo.

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