Education Leadership Certificate

Needs Assessment

America finds itself at a crisis and a crossroads in education, particularly in urban public schools.  Talks of reform and demands for higher student performance are putting a strain on the teachers, administrators, and students alike.  Everyone seems to be a looking for a silver bullet, or a magic pill to fix the problem.

We believe that there is a magic pill for education reform and excellence in the classroom, but it has nothing to do with higher salaries, less students in the classroom, unions, government support, or any other external factor.  The magic pill is creating an environment of high potential and high energy that keeps teachers, administrators, parents and students operating at Peak Performance (see diagram below).

This Leadership Certificate Program is in response to the need of DC public schools to find creative, innovative ways to succeed despite road blocks and seemingly impossible challenges.  Our focus on shifting the energetic output of Principals will in turn lead to sustainable change among the teaching staff and trickle all the way down to the student.  Our intention is to lift the energy in the school, create favorable working and teaching environments, and ultimately elevate student performance.

Leadership Certificate Program Overview

Our program, coaching objectives, professional development themes, and theories are based on the Energy/Action Model featured here.

Stress EnergyWe believe that peak performance in any organization begins with the linchpins (difference makers).  The linchpins in schools are Principals.  Having 1 or 2 great teachers is not good enough – the impact they can have is limited.  They may create a ripple effect – students and parents may appreciate that teacher, but there is a greater community within the school to impact.  If the Principal is creating the ripple, real change can occur.  Principals interact with all students, teachers, parents, the community, and they interact with the central office to affect even greater change in the broader community.

The Principal is also important because if they are not at peak performance they can have the adverse ripple effect throughout the school.  They are most susceptible to the stressors of a typical school environment, and therefore need to be the most highly trained to respond.

This program offers 18 months of weekly coaching and training to analyze challenges, relationships, and external influences that will give principals the tools they need to control their internal environment.  If Principals can operate at Peak Performance consistently, the stressors and external factors that are inevitable become irrelevant because solutions will come naturally.

As a baseline, Principals will be given an assessment to gauge their energetic engagement and potential.  From there, they can invite up to 25 other people to take the assessment answering questions about the Principal’s engagement from their perspective.  The 25 people can be from the school environment or from their personal lives.

This certificate program includes the following components:

  • Catholic University & Velocity’s Energetic Educator Leadership Certificate
  • 4 Courses at Catholic University
  • Assessment 360 and Debrief
  • 24 coaching sessions
  • Mastermind Group
  • Professional Development
  • Full Staff Education Conference