Leadership Coaching

“Work-life integration is not a necessity. 
Work-life integration is an act of love.”

         ~Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com


As an entrepreneur or business leader, you may have already discovered that work-life balance is a myth.  When you are so closely tied to the business through ownership and responsibility, it is quite common for personal challenges to affect your business, and for business challenges to affect your personal life. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were free to be your best self both at work and at home?  Imagine if you didn’t have to put on a different hat.  Picture the day where you can live your strengths both at home and at work, relieve stress, and increase productivity.  It’s possible through a multi-faceted approach.

At Velocity, we work with business leaders to effectively plan for business growth, while also growing personally.  Through a combination of leadership coaching and strategic planning, you can enjoy the fast-paced roller coaster ride of being a leader.  Here are some ways to engage with Velocity:

Leadership Coaching

  • One-to-one coaching with a certified coach who is both an entrepreneur and a leader
  • Weekly pulse checks to celebrate growth, address challenges, and keep you on track
  • Access to various assessments to objectively measure results (see below)

Strategic Planning

  • Executive education on proven strategic planning techniques that get results for you and your team
  • Facilitated monthly strategic planning sessions with you and your leadership team
  • Access to accountability software for businesses that want to commit to fast growth

Professional Development for Teams

  • Adopting the YES Mentality – a 10-module professional development course designed for teams
  • Half-day and full-day professional development workshops on topics that address improving communication, initiating productive conflict, how to deal with difficult people, and more


  • Velocity Assessments – including the Life Review (that measures your total life satisfaction across multiple categories), Success Survey (that measures your ability and likelihood of achieving a goal), and PERMA Profile (that determines effective ways for you to address challenges in your life or at work)
  • Energy Leadership Index – an attitudinal assessment that measures your leadership approach and responses under stress
  • DISC Assessment – a personality assessment tool that allows individuals and teams to better communicate by understanding their own style of behavior and the styles of others

Questions?  Email Matt Leedham at matt@velocitygoals.com for more information.