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Coaching is for High Achievers

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I am a high achiever with high potential but am unfocused and feel like I’m spinning my wheels.
  • I haven’t achieved as much as I thought I would have at this point in my life.
  • I am working so hard and doing what I think is right, but can’t seem to be as successful as I want.
  • I get excited when I pick new goals, but quickly stop working on them.
  • I get frustrated when I set a goal and then lose focus and return to old habits.

What is Coaching?

Scott Coaches

Scott Sullivan, A Velocity Coach

At Velocity our professionally certified coaches partner with you as you establish and accomplish goals that will increase your personal and professional well-being.  We believe that living a successful life requires a methodical, practical and scientific approach.  And we make it fun too!

We want to take you from good to great by first getting to know you, listening to you, understanding you, and then co-building a plan with you that will get you the results you desire.  


“Coaching isn’t therapy.  It’s product development, with you as the product.”
– Fast Company

We understand that people want a coaching relationship for very different reasons. First and foremost, our professionally certified coaches want to be sure that coaching is the right tool for you and we are the right coaches for you.  Coaching is a very personal business, and if you don’t “click” with your coach, you’re not going to have a valuable experience.

Check out this New Yorker article on the power of coaching.


“Scott is a beautiful soulful coach. He is talented, honest, funny, with a flair for cutting down to the heart of things with grace and yet without sentimentality.  He held my feet to the fire with goals that had previously been beyond my grasp. He is a guarder of the critical thought with an incredibly unique way of looping together the internal and external.  He gets you.  He understands the block and then he simplifies it so that you are able to visualize success. Over the 5 months that he worked with me I felt a sort of magical invisible and yet invincible support system.  To be sure, hiring Scott Sullivan as your coach will be life-changing.  I would definitely work with him again.”
          – C. Morrison, Velocity Coaching Client


Free Consultation

We always start with an initial, no-obligation complimentary consultation to see if coaching is a good fit for you.  We want you to have time to ask all the questions you’d like about coaching and allow us to explore what coaching options or packages might work best for you.

Unlike many coaches, we coach in person, on-site, over the phone and using Skype, whatever is best for the client.

Contact us to schedule a time to chat about propelling yourself to the next level!

Sample Packages

Jaime Willis

Jaime Willis, A Velocity Coach

Although we will always customize a coaching package that works for your needs, we know that some clients want to understand what some possible options are.  Here are a few recent examples of client packages:

Client A:  

Goals:  Wanted a regular, long-standing commitment with coach to work on big opportunities and long-standing personal blocks to success for maximum personal and professional growth.

Coaching Package:  Six months of weekly one hour sessions and unlimited email access to coach.

Client B:

Goals:  Wanted a regularly scheduled session with coach and enough time in between sessions to work on the goals and assignments discussed in each session.

Coaching Package:  One hour session once every three weeks for 12 weeks, and unlimited email access to coach.

Client C:

Goals:  Wanted a monthly accountability ‘check-up’ to ensure personal and professional goals were being met.

Coaching Package:  One hour session per month with unlimited email access to coach.


Most clients will pay between $175-$250 per session with discounts offered for multi-session packets purchased in advance.  We also offer no interest payment plans to any client ready to begin the coaching process.

Contact us for more information and to see what option is right for you!