How To Get People To Follow You

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Within just a few short weeks of beginning the strategic planning process with a new client, the leader asks me a question. 

follow-us“How do I convince my people that this stuff works and we need to make some changes to the way we do things?”

The question can take many similar forms:

  • How do I get more buy-in from my team?
  • How do persuade them that _____________ is a good idea?  (e.g. daily huddles, more accountability, etc.)
  • How do I show my people that what got us here won’t get us there?

I like to return the question with another question:  “Well, how did I convince you that this (coaching, strategic planning, etc.) was a good idea?”

The answer is simple and we’ve all heard it before:  WIIFM.  What’s in it for me? 

When presented with change, employees ask themselves the WIIFM question – sometimes consciously, but usually not. 

When I present the Velocity Leadership Success Model to a business owner or executive leader, I clearly educate them on how using our system will benefit them personally and professionally.  I do this through a number of mediums include written words, diagrams, assessments, etc.  However, the most powerful tool I have at my disposal is my enthusiasm for helping them grow their business and my confidence that the system works. 

So, how can you gain more buy-in from your team?  Try answering some of these questions first:

  • What am I really asking of them?
  • Why is it important to me?
  • What are the questions/fears they might have when presented with change?
  • How might the change adversely affect them?
  • How might the change benefit them?
  • How can I use my gifts/strengths/energy/enthusiasm to educate them?

Once you have a deep level of clarity on these questions, it’s time to tap into your enthusiasm for where you want to go and share that with your team.  Your people need to clearly your see your vision in order to help you get there. 

As my friend and entrepreneur, Scott Offerdahl says often, “I’m a great listener but a terrible mind-reader.”  Don’t expect your team to read your mind.  Share the vision of the benefits of change.  Share the reason behind your motivation.  Share your enthusiasm and optimism for what is to come. 

Consistent communication around where the company is headed is essential.  If your team isn’t sick of hearing about your vision then you haven’t said it enough.  Everyone on your team should be able to recite the vision.  Everyone on the team should be able to clearly articulate where the team is going, and how they plan to get there.

It’s this level of clarity, focus, communication, repetition and enthusiasm that will get you results.