What We Do

What do we do?

At Velocity we are passionate about coaching, teaching and facilitating.  

Here are several ways to engage with us.

  1. Success U: Ten weekly 90 minute classes designed for individuals interested in successfully achieving their goals.
  2. Ten Coats of Happiness: A unique 10 module program designed for teachers who want to rediscover their passion for education.
  3. Leadership Success Program: A comprehensive strategic planning, coaching, and training model designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  4. Unite and Go: A professional development series designed for businesses that want to create highly effective and highly functioning teams.
  5. Career and Life Coaching: For individuals interested in personal and professional growth through 1 to 1 hourly sessions with a professional coach.
  6. The Velocity Coach Academy:  Products and services to make your coaching business thrive.

Why do we do it?

We’ve seen far too many people, teams, organizations, companies, and communities mired in negative, victim-based thinking.  We jump out of bed in the morning (sometimes literally for early morning appearances) to show people how to take hold of their lives and their circumstances, and create a more favorable reality around them.  We are passionate about strengths-based living, guided by defined core values, and projected through positive shifts in attitude.  Everything we do is grounded in the science of well-being and goal achievement.

How do we do it?

That’s the fun part!

In order to explain how we do it, let us elaborate on what we find to be most important.  These are the principles of our business.  They serve as our guiding light.  They are our valued purpose.

Have Fun

We have discovered that we are most amazing at what we do when we have fun.  Not surprisingly, we see that our clients live their most inspired life when they are having fun.  Sooooo…we decided to make having fun a core value at Velocity.  If it’s not fun…we ain’t doing it!  

Be Experimental

This is a BIG topic, encompassing all that we do.  Being experimental to us means that we are on a constant growth journey.  Strap on your backpack and join us because we are passionate about growth, learning and accomplishing goals.  Living life with an experimental ethos is to be a student of the game.  To analyze, examine, explore, tweak, reflect, and build upon!  We expect this of ourselves and inspire our clients to do the same.


This beautiful Creole word, pronounced “LAN-yap,” describes an extra little gift given to a customer by a merchant for good measure.  Think of the 13th bagel in a baker’s dozen as an example of a small lagniappe.  At Velocity, it is so much more.  It signifies the importance of the customer experience.  We always look for creative ways to inspire our clients to grow in new and innovative ways.

Kobayashi Maru

Whether or not you are a fan of Star Trek, we know you’ll find this last value very important.  The Kobayashi Maru Test was featured in the hit movie, The Wrath of Khan, and challenges the notion that there are such scenarios in life that can be defined as a “no-win situation.” At Velocity, we’re not just passionate about winning, but about “win-win situations.”  To us, winning is both client success and company success.  In fact, there is no other option!