Who We Are

Matt Leedham
Chief Achievement Officer & Co-Founder

Matt’s role within Velocity includes facilitation, coaching, strategic planning, and business development.  He is passionate and experienced in leading teams through proven planning processes to achieve alignment, focus, and accountability.  Matt believes that the skills of intentional planning and execution can be taught through rhythmic communication and peer accountability.  Additionally, Matt is an Authorized Partner/Distributor of DiSC assessments and products and works with entrepreneurs and leadership teams on building communication skills that have a dramatic impact on their organizations. 

In addition to co-founding Velocity, Matt serves as Vice President at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the leading organization for personal and professional growth for business owners.  In his role there, Matt works extensively with entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. on strategic planning, goal setting and experience sharing. He wakes up every day seeking to ‘engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.’

On personal note, Matt is a married, Yankee-loving, distance-running, dog-owning, native New Jerseyean living in VA, who is passionately driven to help others achieve their goals.  He is also a bourbon-drinking, Reuben sandwich-eating, blog-writing, extrovert that has completed two marathons, one triathlon, and survived the Running of the Bulls.

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Jaime Willis
Strategic Advisor & Co-Founder

Jaime has moved on from Velocity, but still serves as a Strategic Advisor, particularly on curriculum design of personal and professional development programs.  

Jaime comes into life each day believing a few truths: Love Wins. Be Excellent to Each Other (yes, she stole this from Bill & Ted).  There has never been a time in the history of the universe more amazing than right now.  Learn and Grow. 

She’s a Midwest girl at heart — she loves simple foods, close relationships with her family, especially her three adorable nephews, and fosters a fierce independence from growing up in Michigan.  She also enjoys the city life, living in Washington DC for fourteen years. She loves traveling the world, playing scrabble competitively, and being able to walk to the nearest Starbucks.  She lives with her partner, Ben, and their two cats.