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  Rediscover Your Passion For Education 

How was your classroom experience today?

Did you walk into the building tired from too many late nights planning and re-planning?

How many times did you have to discipline the kids?  Call parents?  How many kids were Couple Standingabsent?

How many meetings did you attend with new curriculum guidelines, more sinking data, more pressure to perform, more talk of tenure and test results?

We know that you have the skills and knowledge to be a great classroom teacher.

As you gain experience in the classroom, don’t lose your “shine” – that inner passion that inspired you to choose a career shaping students’ futures. 

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What is Ten Coats?

This 10 week course for educators is designed to reduce burn-out, increase the likelihood of educator retention, and create higher levels of career satisfaction.

In fact, Ten Coats was recently taught to 18 educators at a public school in Washington, DC and career satisfaction among the cohort climbed by over 30% in just ten weeks!

Ten Coats provides the foundational knowledge grounded in positive psychology, research-based skills gleaned from rigorous academic literature, and problem-solving Woman with Smile
techniques packaged in innovative, fun and useful team-building activities to bring back that shine and keep it there for the rest of your career!

Studies show that teachers who use coaches and coaching techniques have higher rates of student achievement than those who do not.    

NSDC’s Standards for Staff Development Trainer’s Guide, Stephanie Hirsch, 2001

The Ten Modules

Intentional Positivity

  • Happiness isn’t an accident.  Be intentional and build your emotional bank account.

Strength Training

  • We spend too much energy on our weaknesses when our strengths truly carry us.

Gate Keeping

  • When you know what’s important to you, you can easily filter what earns your attention. 

Attitude Awareness

  • Walk away from your caveman instincts and instead think your way out of stress.

Curious Communicating

  • Defuse anger, get the facts without judgment, and learn to leave assumptions behind. 


  • Chunk your dreams into small (smaller than that) steps and achievement is effortless.  

Becoming Dynamic

  • Who has the most unrealistic expectations for your success? You do. Let’s get real and become dynamos.  

Disarming Triggers

  • It’s never really about taking out the garbage. Find out what is really pushing your buttons.

Creating Boundaries

  • Knowing when and how to create boundaries in our lives is critical to work-life balance. 


  • When the blueprint isn’t working, it’s time to get out the duct tape and try again.


Want to know what others think of Velocity’s

Ten-Coats Course?  

Check out these testimonials:

I am still using the techniques that Velocity taught us over six months ago.  Thanks again for the process you took our entire staff through as we are all more enlightened, happier and entrenched in the work that we do.  We now know where to find those positive moments but also when to give ourselves permission to enjoy each and every one.”

Valerie Bethel, School Psychologist, DC Public Schools

“Even nine months later we all talk about Ten-Coats on a regular basis here at our school. You all changed our lives.”

Lisa Washington, Teacher, Beers Elementary School



The Instructors

Scott and Jaime are Certified Professional Coaches and experienced educators who are passionate about the science of well-being with over 30 years of combined teaching experience.  Prior to Velocity, Scott taught at Oxford, Tufts, and Suffolk Universities, and Scott and Jaime Piccurrently teaches educator leadership courses at Catholic University.  Jaime was a lead teacher/trainer at Kaplan, geometry teacher at Hospitality Public Charter School, Vice President of a local education non-profit, and Chief of Staff at DCPS Office of Federal Programs. Since founding Velocity in 2010 with their business partner Matt Leedham, they’ve reached thousands of clients, including DC Public Schools, multiple Public Charter Schools, Johns Hopkins University, the Rotary Club, the Junior League, Deloitte Consulting, Keller Williams Realty, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

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Offer your school’s entire staff our full Ten Coats™ Course – 20 hours of curriculum spread over ten 2-hour sessions for one low price!  Your cost includes certified
professional coach instructors who are experienced educators, science-backed c
urriculum and course materials for each attendee, 20 PLUs for each participant and free access to several assessment tools for participants. 

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