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Professional Development Testimonials

Success U: Professional Development for Individuals

“For many of us, there is a persistent, nagging feeling inside us telling us that we are capable of bigger accomplishments and a fuller happiness. This feeling isn’t necessarily pic 4unhappiness, nor is it the creep of failure, but rather it’s the gut feeling that we can do MORE. For anybody who feels untapped potential inside them, Success U will give you the tools and the guidance you need to unlock your full abilities and to pursue your biggest ambitions. Whether you’re trying to figure out what to do next with your life, or how to achieve a bigger vision you’ve already set for yourself, Success U will help you get there. In short, Success U changed my life.” – Ryan Meyer, CEO of Lev-Interactive

Success U has helped me to thoroughly enjoy what I do on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis.  I am much less stressed, a lot goofier with my students and so so happy.  I find myself laughing in class or telling a weird story (that is related) now, when before I felt like the demands of the job were so intense that I didn’t have time for it.  I was wrong.

“I believe in the past few weeks I have strengthened my relationships with my students because of this change in identity.  Much more importantly, I am so excited to do what I do each day, without any second-guessing.  I know my students have noticed a change.  Last week, one of my students from my most “energetic” class said, “Ms. D’Antonio you have so much energy.  It’s almost like your personality has changed.”  This sounds cheesy, but I really feel like understanding myself by my values and strengths has enabled to me to shine completely, with my whole self, without leaving any parts of me in the shadows due to fear.  Velocity, thank you for guiding me to this point.  I will forever be changed because of it.”

– Cecilia D’Antonio, Teacher, DC Public Schools

“Success U brought out for me an intriguing outlook on my life and on my business. The coaches used scientifically researched examples and applied them to specific student real-life situations. It was amazing how profound the simplest practices that increase our happiness make a difference in our lives.

“I was also impressed with how each coach was able to teach the valuable skills and methods regardless of the aptitude of the student body. All three of the members on team Velocity are amazing and truly talented coaches.

“I honestly walked into this course with a stubborn attitude, and couldn’t have left more humbled. . . Success U put my thoughts into perspective, and allowed me to prioritize what was truly important in my life. This guided my focus on what my goals truly are, leading directly to happiness. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone.”

– David Roddy, Creative Director of Relish Ink 



Ten Coats of Happiness: Professional Development for Educators

I am still using the techniques that Velocity taught us over six months ago.  Thanks again for the process you took our entire staff through as we are all more enlightened, happier and entrenched in the work that we do.  We now know where to find those positive moments but also when to give ourselves permission to enjoy each and every one.”

– Valerie Bethel, School Psychologist, DC Public School

Even nine months later we all talk about Ten-Coats on a regular basis here at our school. You all changed our lives.”

– Lisa Washington, Teacher, Beers Elementary School, DC

“When I saw the title for a course I quickly applied because it piqued my curiosity.  However when the course began it was none of the things I thought it would be. Jamie, Scott and Matt were the most amazing instructors anyone could have. They took the team on a journey that made us stronger, more self-reflective and provided tools that we could pic 9use in every area of our lives.  We did things that none of us thought we could do, wanted to do, or liked to do. They built the cohort into a team and helped us look at opportunities differently. They presented learning opportunities which were designed to challenge our beliefs about ourselves and others, helping us to tap into an inner wealth.  The course highlighted the importance of choice in your life and the powerful effects that result from such a simple recognition. They propelled us into looking at life situations for what they truly are: opportunities. The course helped us to appreciate life and the experiences it brings. We focused on the power of gratitude in big and small instances. The techniques and strategies gained in the course applied not only to us becoming better school leaders, but also to us being more aware, attuned and thoughtful about events in our lives and how we choose to respond.  The course was reaffirming and powerful in so many ways.  It did not seem like a course at all, but rather a journey. One that changed our thinking and actions forever and we wanted more. None of us wanted the course to end. It was a place of discovery, truth, reflection, growth and development. I highly recommend this journey to everyone no matter what walk of life, but especially to those who work, live and interact with others, it will change your life for the better…enjoy.

– Gwen Payton, Principal of Beers Elementary School, DC



Unite and Go: Professional Development for Businesses

“Wow, you guys were fantastic.  Everyone commented about how great you were at facilitating a thought-provoking discussion on goal setting. Thanks so very much for coming, your timing was perfect and your presentation was excellent.

I really appreciate your time and professionalism. I will definitely have you back and I hope to get some agents to sign up with you!”

– Joseph Himali, Owner of Best Address Real Estate

1 to 1 Coaching Testimonials

“Every once in a while you encounter someone who you know gets you. I saw that when IJaime Willis first met Jaime. When I decided to get a coach there was no question that Jaime was the right coach for me. Honestly the idea of coaching has always been something that I’ve scoffed at due to a preconceived notion I had of it in my head. Jaime absolutely shattered that perception. She brings a realism and humor to the table and it makes you feel like you are talking to a friend, not just a coach. She pushes you beyond your comfort level but at the same time doesn’t try to change who you are. Her approach is practical and real. She celebrates the wins, even the small ones, and she holds your hand through the lows.  I would highly recommend Jaime as a coach because with her you’re not just getting a coach…you’re getting your biggest fan.”
– Emily Egan, Velocity Coaching Client 

“Matt has been coaching me as I transition from one career field into another and opening my own business. He has been extremely adept at keeping me focused on the tasks needed to transition instead of all the obstacles I’m facing. One of his talents is helping a client look at a negative situation, acknowledge it, and sort out what is real and what is F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real). Once this is done, he helps focus energy on the tasks that can be completed to move toward a goal. 

Matt is insightful, a creative thinker and solution oriented. His expertise in business and entrepreneurship is invaluable. He has his finger on the pulse of current business trends and technology which I found abundantly helpful since I find myself on learning curve in this area.

– Tammy, Velocity Coaching Client  

“Scott is a beautiful soulful coach. He is talented, honest, funny, with a flair for cutting down to the heart of things with grace and yet without sentimentality.  He held my feet to the fire with goals that had previously been beyond my grasp. He is a guarder of the critical thought with an incredibly unique way of looping together the internal and external.  He gets you.  He understands the block and then he simplifies it so that you are able to visualize success. Over the 5 months that he worked with me I felt a sort of magical invisible and yet invincible support system.  To be sure, hiring Scott Sullivan as your coach will be life-changing.  I would definitely work with him again.”

– C. Morrison, Velocity Coaching Client